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Wrapping Up May, “Lyme Awareness Month”

May 31 “A Day Of Prayer”

In honor of Lyme and Tick borne disease awareness month, we would like to designate May 31 as a day of prayer for all those who are coping with this devastating illness. Please get the word out to your family and friends that we welcome their prayers on this day, and for those who have wanted to do something, prayer …

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Did you raise awareness of Lyme Disease in a walk, rally or any Lyme event? If so, send you pics to!

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Second Annual “Lace Up For Lyme” Walk In Wisconsin

Milwaukee Wisconsin just had their annual Lyme Walk at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Over a hundred walkers showed up for the event. Many wandered in from the zoo to look at the info booths, displays and to talk to Lyme Patients.

This walk is put on by the members of …

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Mayday Part Two

Well it looks like it was another successful protest at the White House this year for the Mayday team.Two years in a row Tim Grey put together a rally in Washington DC to get the attention of Congress to let them know we need some changes. The IDSA …

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GALDA (Georgia Lyme Disease Association) getting things done!

Looks like our Georgia friends have been busy in 2012 getting the word out there on tick borne diseases. Please stop by their website GALDA and see what they have been up to. Here is some of their recent activities.

20/20 Lyme Segment Review

Elaina did a great job telling her story on 20/20. Many with Lyme can relate to seeing her shake, her difficulty in walking, the memory lapses and her struggle with her accent and not feeling like she “fits in.”

In case you didn’t catch the 20/20 segment on Lyme Disease, here is a small segment:

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Lyme Rally in London~ May 9th 2012

Denise Longman talking on Radio Suffolk about Lyme disease, on the morning of the

‘ASK The Department of Health Why?’ rally in London. May 9th 2012

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