Suicide in the Lyme Community Even Spreads to Family Members

We all know there is an issue with suicide in the Lyme Community. Now it is spreading to family members of those infected. And it unfortunately this doesn’t even come as a surprise. How can one sit back and watch their loved ones suffer endlessly for months, years with no help from the medical  community and not feel depressed over it?

Lyme patients and their family members know all too well that this scenario is playing out across not only the United States but has become a global issue. Family members are watching their husbands, wives, and children getting sicker and sicker. They feel helpless and abandoned by doctors.

If you have experienced this or have feelings about it, please leave your comments on this article. Let CNN hear your voice.

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Husband killed himself six months after watching his wife die from an overdose because she got Lyme disease from a tick bite

  • John Mladenovich, from Oxford, was found cradling photos of his wife
  • Wife Lisa Hole, 44, developed Lyme disease from a tick bite, inquest heard
  • She died from drug overdose after condition left her wheelchair-bound
  • Husband was arrested on suspicion of assisting suicide and released on bail
  • The 46-year-old then took his own life using same lethal drug from Mexico


PUBLISHED: 14:18 EST, 3 December 2013 | UPDATED: 10:27 EST, 4 December 2013

A husband killed himself six months after watching his wife commit suicide because she had caught Lyme disease from a tick bite, an inquest heard today.

Lisa Hole, from Oxford, was infected with the serious and debilitating disease after being bitten by a tick while out walking.

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