Caregiver support for Lymies

Support for Caregivers

Caregiver support for Lymies

Online Articles

5 Ways to Help Someone who is Chronically Ill

Caregiver Help and Support

Caregiver Stress and Burn Out

Children and Lyme Disease~ Collection of Links and Articles

7 Cups connects you to caring people if you just need to talk

Letter from Lyme Dad

Teleconerence Call Recording- Support for care-givers, family & friends of Lyme patients

The Spoon Theory

Financial Aid

Fundraising Advice and Links

Caregiver Stress Meter Poll

Caregiver Blogs

Living with Lyme

Online Support Groups

Caregivers of Chronically Ill Family Members

Spouses, Familiy and Friends Support Group on Facebook

Well Spouse Association


How Can I Help When I Live So Far Away?


Shifting the Lyme Paradigm

Helping caregivers who are taking care of Lyme patients.

by Huib Kraaijeveld (Author)

Caregiver Lyme Awareness Shirts made by Lyme Patients

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