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imageedit_13_3441885467My name is Tammy. I am 48 years old with Chronic Neurolyme Disease.

To say I am only sick is putting it mildly. I have had Lyme disease for 40+ years. I almost died in 1998 with meningitis but the doctors didn’t know why or how I ended up the way I did fighting for my life. Only that it was a rare bacteria. For the last 16 years I gotten divorced, remarried, was abused physically and mentally all the while seeking help for my failing health. I’ve had spine surgery on my neck for severe stenosis after several attacks, ended up still severe stenosis and damage to the nerves that lead to my brain. Now I also have it in my lumbar/lower spine and peripheral neuropathy. My memory is very bad so I’m sure I am leaving so much out.

My husband who is an alcoholic never believed not cares how sick I am and doesn’t care if our sons are sick either. The last time the police were called his alcohol level was .261 and he was taken out of our home. Due to being afraid of what will happen to me and my sons I stayed for so many years but now can not take his word for it that he will get help, stop drinking and abusing me. I can not live that way and fight for my/my sons lives. It has been almost a year and we are on our own. Even though in my desperation he has said he wants be with me, help us and I have fallen to my knees accepting it several times, he will then just not call or take any steps to come back. I feel like a fool, worthless that I have to let him hurt me to be able to live. Even then he doesn’t keep his word. I feel he is just being cruel as he has been for so many years.

Two of my sons have neurolyme one being chronic plus two strains of bartonella he is fighting again starting today. He almost died at one year having febrile seizures and encephalitis. Again no answers except a rare bacteria in his ear drums. He can not work nor can I. He is going to take a leave of absence with my help, if I can figure it out, from school this is the third year of repeating 12th grade. My other son is trying to work at a fast food place but due to surgery on his foot that went bad, memory impairment and severe anxiety attacks is having a hard time juggling both school and work with Lyme disease.

I don’t know what to ask for but anything would help. Food, money for medications/supplements and/or clothes for us. Anything anyone could give would just be a miracle to me. We can’t even afford to go to the doctor for retesting of my one son after his first round of treatment. My family doesn’t call or come around to check on us. My sister has helped me a couple times but doesn’t have the money to just give me. We go without food and necessary medications/supplements. Out one truck has broken down many times and falling apart.

I wish I had one specific thing to ask for but like I said at this point anything would make a difference for us. I am now autoimmune and vascular chronic neurolyme disease. It feels like no one cares and I’m slipping away more each day.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. The lights, trees and Christmas carols, spending time with my kids. But this year more than ever the cold is hurting me so much. I also have poly neuropathy.


  • Food
  • Money for medications/supplements
  • Clothes for us

If anyone could help in anyway, it would restore my faith that life is worth living again. At least give me some kind of hope.

Thank you so much just for reading some of our story and my plead for help.


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Wishes Granted so Far

Still waiting for her wishes


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