Tara R’s Story of Lyme and Homelessness


Tara R’s Story of Lyme and Homelessness

“I did not have any assistance, no money coming in too ill to work, I had spent everything I had, I cashed in my CD, I had spent my savings on out of pocket expenses, MRI’s, countless doctor appointments that did nothing and refered me to someone else, ER visits. (Long story short, ) I knew the funds would not last, I had enough for a plane ticket to another country, where I knew some people there. When I was there, I soon found myself homeless, I don’t remember all the particulars, which is good, but I remember my feet being really dirty.

I left the U.S. cause nothing was working there for those years.

(Going to the Er who said not an emergency go to my M.D, who did not thing for me, who once liked me enough to want me to babysit her friends kids To now telling me I am becoming a hypochondriac. No one was helping me in the states for several years)

I was too ill and I still did not know what was wrong, so being abroad did not help than, with money from others, I flew back to the states, there I stayed at one of the lower budget hotels, extended stay, so it was cheaper Until I got an apartment ( and I moved to another apartement a yr after, going back to a hotel to stay in the inbetween) When you go through the customs you are supposed to put your home address Some address, of where you will be, I was truly homeless at that point,in legal sense, it was a horrible feeling I put down a hotel address… — I am all for places like Inanna house.

If you are single, if you loose family, friends, when you get real ill, cause no one believes you, What do you do? Where do you go?

I had to fight so hard, I couldn’t even speak at times or clearly enough people understood, I couldn’t follow a conversation, couldn’t read, retain anything I read, I had either insomnia or I would sleep fourteen hours, I had to lay down straight at times, long list of symptoms, there was no way, I could go to a regular homeless shelter, there was no way I would have been to use such a place as a stepping stone, to be alert and healthy enough to get a job and start a new life. So, what do people with Lyme disease,this compromised do? Where can you go? There is no where to go.

When I get well, my dream is to somehow, own a home and have an extra bedroom, for someone with lyme that is in that similar situation. My dream is to have the funds to donate more to Inanna house. I know of Lyme patients living in their car up in U.S. and it was the winter time…, and others living in really harsh situations, in an attic, where there are insects, for example

We all deserve to get disability and or some form of income while we are ill, it truly can be debilitating.

Lyme patients have so many challenges of just the disease to contend with, than there are all these others factors, if you don’t have a safe decent affordable place to live, it seems impossible to get better, as our central nervous systems are already challenged, how can the adrenals, other organs relax? We all deserve the basics of life, to even have a fighting chance to heal form this horrid complex disease. This all breaks my heart for myself and everyone else who has to deal with this, this is not right.”

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  1. View the website Tom Palidino, Scalar Energy, he has a Lyme treatment!

    He has a talk radio program too.

  2. This is so sad. A lot of people don’t realize that drug addiction can play a part with Lyme disease also. I was already clean from drugs since I was a teen mother. I worked hard and was a single mother. After I became sick with Lyme disease I got really depressed and I didn’t know what is was wrong and how to deal with this horrible anxiety and depression. I ended getting back on drugs. I was already in a daze from the Lyme. I finally realized there was something else seriously wrong. I stopped doing drugs and started trying to figure out what was wrong. Bc of the seizures and the psychological things that were going on with me everyone thought I was still on drugs. They took my kids. My own mother bought me a tent. I was having seizures daily. In so much pain. I had no food. Nowhere to turn. I did manage to get on medicaid for a short time. I just kept going to the doctor after being in the ICU for a while. Finally my doctor said wait a minute. Everything you’ve been saying all this time sounds like Lyme disease. The test came back positive. This changed some of my sisters view of my craziness. But I still lost so many family members and friends. All because I was sick and nobody would help me. I am currently staying with some family. I am still very ill. My children live with me. They are my angels. I hope that something can change. And we can get help. Nobody should lose everything from being sick. God bless. And I’m praying for a change. One testimony at a time.

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