Tennessee Lyme Picnic Heard Around the World

From Becca Moses from World Lyme Day

The first annual Tennessee Lyme Picnic Heard Around the World was a total success. I cant stress enough how healing it is meeting people who share in the struggle. Having Facebook for immediate connection is a wonderful thing..but meeting people..a physical hug..the great conversation is amazing! I used to hide in my house and avoid meeting people for whatever reason. I

forced myself to go to the Rainey Retreat picnic in VA. And it was the best decision I made. I learned how important and healing it truly is! We all need to make this effort..I promise it will change your life!

Thanks HAS to go out to the following:

  • Jeff Rainey and Lisa Hilton  for coming up with this wonderful concept and bringing Lymies together xoxo
  • Tammy Malone And Mike for opening their beautiful home in order to have this picnic. You guys are amazing and I appreciate all you have done to make this day a very special one. We can NOT wait until the next one! xoxo
  • Paul Allan Coons for our wonderful music entertainment. We enjoyed your music! Xoxo
  • Charity Doane And Josh for driving from Indiana to be with us. Xoxo
  • Mary Ann And Jenna for coming out and and enjoying the day! Xoxo
  • To all our friends family and supporters. You are what we need to help keep us going to keep fighting! Xoxo

I cant thank you all enough!

Much love to all!
Becca Moses

PS: The sign is available to be shipped to other picnics too, just contact Becca if you are interested!

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