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I became sick in 2012, though had a life time of pain I accepted most likely related to Lyme. I am now unemployed, uninsured, and completely depend on family for rent and medications (herbals limited for cost efficient)I have a friend who has be take care of me. Basically stop his life and drive me to appointments, do all my shopping, work on help to regain cognitive ability, speak ability, motor ability etc. like a therapist.

If I had a holiday request it would be for the repairs for his jeep. He have be using an old borrowed pickup, but I know he be bless to be able to get his jeep (1994) run again or to have a newer vehicle. I can not to pay him for all he help me, he basically put life on hold and is volunteer to help me get well for go onto 2 years.

Thank you for to consider this request, I know many people are in need and thank you for what you do to help so many of us in a chronically difficult health situation. Hope you have a bless Holiday Season,

Teri Pope

How to Donate to Teri:

You can email us at lisahilton4@gmail.com to get Teri’s address for a card or to send a gift.

OR you can donate to Paypal wheresthekarma@yahoo.com and we will get the payment to Teri. Just leave a note saying you want the donation to go to Teri.

Note for Potential Donors:
If you donate to Teri, please comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!

Wishes Granted so Far

Still waiting for her wishes


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