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Hello my name is Terri. I have just been diagnosed with Lyme a few months ago. I have been on doxy and now on IV antibiotics. My pain in my hands is so bad I can’t work right now. The only income is my husband just got a new job. Because he was without a job for a few months, we are just trying to squeak by. The bills have been piling up! So Christmas for my four boys (ages4,12,14,16)is going to be pretty short.

Even just trying to pay for food and probiotics is a stretch right now. I would love any help, I have been hearing so much about how essential oils help with pain and Lyme. They are too expensive for me to purchase right now.


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Wishes Granted so Far

12/4/2014 Cash donation: “This donation is in memory of Chrissy Morbelli-Urbanowski, my sister. This is my Christmas present to Chrissy in heaven because this is what she would want me to do. Please think of her when you receive this.” ~ David Bell

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  1. Hi My request is for my youngest daughter this year. I have tried everything to get her proper help eight different therapist for eight years, seven in one year and Hasboro Children s Hospital Day program. I left her first therapist go after three years no progress and her not trying to help my daughter but insinuated I let someone abuse her she even played games very unprofessional. Her refusing to try to hive her a way to nonverbally communicate when I read it would work. She said if we did this my daughter would never talk. I look up selective mutism which is what my daughter has had since preschool.

    I found a website

    I read as much as I could, I had Playdates at the house for her. I put her in Gymnastics, events I could take her too. I read to bring down her anxiety give her way to communicate non verbally. She had made friends withe the little girl across the street and then the children that lived downstairs.

    I talked to them and their mother about Selective Mutism and to not ask my daughter to talk as this will only bring her anxiety up. They were great and followed what I told them perfectly so my daughter was comfortable witb them they were so nice to her and pateint and said you dont jave to talk to us we like you and want with you. They developed a close relationship.

    I bought my daughter a DS to use as a communication device. The other children already had them, They texted each other back and forth for two months. And then my daughter was talking to them out loud laughting, and having fun as if she new them her whole life.

    She had a lot of progress at home. But school has been another story. I was promissed help but they did the opposite. I got educational advocate that just sided with the school after talkinhg to her theropist. One of the theropist asked me what I was doing wrong and why isnt she talking more.

    They refused to help her the way I had home with the help of her friends. None are educated in selective mutism and all do the opposite telling my daughter she has to talk and the refused to give her a communication device.

    She now would never use one and is even reluctant to use a white board and unable to communicate with her teacher. When she had improved at home it carried over to school and she was able to whisper to two students. One was the girl who lived across the street.

    If someone could do a go fund me for her to pay her tuition and get it to them in her name so she could get proper treatment. I am so worried as she has actually regressed outside the home in school, and this could cause her to permenantly be unable to talk socialize. Go to College. She cannot even read aloud at school or let her needs be known.

    This is just hearbreaking to me as her mother. I can’t help or obtain help the school just wants to save money they refuse to give her an IEP. She is a wonderful little girl and so well behaved instead of a distraction, refuse to pay someone to help her in the school, after all these theropist failed and she only had success when I did opposition of all these theropist and did what they do at this organization. They have doctor that will help and tell the school what to do to help.

    She needs them to stop telling her to talk. They need to theroputically help her to communicate non verbally because of the mess they made. I am to sick and have been fighting the scjool and then even the teropist that are supposed to help. I need a doctor from this organization to evaluate my daughter to tell the scholl where she is at.

    She has had improvements from first grade . But they tell her she has to just do it talk and you will get used to it and iy wont make you anxtious anymore.

    The theropist also did what I asked in my home and she had some improvements in tje home but they already asked her to talk and pressured her. So she was able to do ventriloquist with them only.

    There expectations are like telling someone petrified of spiders to hold a triachala giant spider in tjere hand and they will get over tje fear. Most people are going to run .

    I could use anything for my twenty year old daughter size medium and maybe bubble guppies for my four year old grandson. Size 5t.

    I lost my car six months ago and have no one who even gives me rides. No family around. I have very few friends who arent able to help themselves. Got rid of one for stealing my daughter s braclet from her father. At the time she was told he was dying. So I have very few friends and keep it this way as I have met too many people messed up like this and in other ways.

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