5 thoughts on “Texas Carpool to Mayday”

  1. I am in Dallas Texas. I am looking to carpool to VA to participate in MayDay.
    Anyone interested?
    I could get up and over a State or two by bus to meet.

  2. I might consider carpooling this year….I’m in Texarkana. If you are going to VA, you’d have to pass through Texarkana. I was thinking maybe folks in OK could go to. Make Texarkana and Little Rock meeting points. Any input?

    1. Wanting to go to CA thought the meet was in California in May. You can call me 903 413 5010 I live off of I30 in Greenville TX

    2. Hello Anette, I am interested in going to VA.
      I live in Dallas. I could take a bus to Texarkana.
      My car is not in the best shape to drive that far. I can drive for a hour at a time.
      Other than that I am really easy going.
      Ashley Bell

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