Texas Lyme Support

Texas Lyme Disease Association

Texas Lyme SupportIf you live in Texas and are experiencing illness you think may be Lyme disease, there is a website called TLDA you should check out.

From TLDA:

  • We provide Texans the most up-to-date and lifesaving information about tick-borne diseases, carriers, diagnostic tests, treatment and prevention.
  • We provide our state, our communities, our families, our people with support and options.
  • We host galas and events to inform and empower Texans to take action and get involved in the fight against Lyme and its co-infections.
  • We facilitate training and provide educational grants for physicians to help them identify tick-borne diseases and provide effective treatment options.
  • We help patients find knowledgeable physicians and healthcare providers.
  • We refer patients to forums for individuals to share their stories and find support.
  • We inform patients of legislation and research that affect reporting of these diseases and the treatment available.
  • We serve as a resource for educators, legislators, and Texas government agencies on the subject of tick-borne diseases.
  • We supply free printed educational material on tick-borne diseases whenever requested.

Visit http://www.txlda.com/

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