Thank you to Lyme Aide and to all who supported the “Ride for Lisa”

023Boy, where do I begin? The outpouring of love and support has just been amazing for “The Ride for Lisa” organized by Lyme Aide.
There are so many to thank and words don’t seem sufficient.

Thank you to:

  • Shannon Bell and Brian Rapier for starting Lyme Aide in the honor of Shannon’s cousin Erica Valker who is also a Lyme patient. They both have such big hearts and I can’t believe all they do for these events. Really incredible people. ♥ I can’t imagine the amount or work and heart they put into this event.
  • All the volunteers for Lyme Aide, Arlene, Melissa and I know there were so  many I met the day of the ride. Thank you to all of you!
  • Fox River Harley Davidson for letting Lyme Aide have the event at your wonderful location and to all who worked there that helped with the event.
  • The Riders and Bikers who all showed up to support me, a stranger they never even met. Talking to you all and getting to know you was so fun. You all have the biggest hearts and live to help people. That is so inspiring. I am glad you all got back safely.
  • To the safeguards and the police who kept the bikers safe on their ride and to the man who said the blessing for the riders to returns safely.
  • To the Raffle Basket team. I am glad I got to meet you, thank you for all your hard work putting them together and they were all so beautiful! I know my family won some fun stuff and we are still going through all the wonderful items in there!
  • To those that donated the items to the baskets… the guitar and William Shatner’s coat!! Amazing!!! Everything was so amazing!
  • To the pretty young lady who sand the National Anthem. I had tears!
  • To Eddie that gave me a couple rings and a Lyme awareness patch and who said his goal is to give back to society. Thank you!
  • The bands that played were totally awesome and one day when I’m better, I will be up there dancing next time instead of sitting there watching! Thank you Preacher Stone, Ballard Creek and Six String Crossing.
  • Rocket Fizz, thank you for donating the fun candy and soda bags!! My grandaughter had fun with the pop rocks!
  • Midwest Tents thank you for all the hard work putting up tents.. Thank you!
  • Lyme Friends, to those of you who showed up, thank you! It was great seeing you all, Rick, Cindi, Kristin, Michelle… thank you for coming. I hope you are recovering ok now. I know it took a lot for you to be there. For those who donated online, I don’t have a list of names or anything, I won’t know if you did or didn’t but thank you to those who did. ♥ Betty Gordon, thank you for a generous donation.
  • The bike clubs that showed up… I can’t remember all the names that came. Feel free to ad them in the comment section. I want to recognize you all. I remember the Punishers and Rescue Riders, and I met many more. As I see the names on your coats in pictures I will add you to this list. Thank you and God bless your hearts.
  • To all the sponsors: Fox River Harley Davidson, Midwest Tents and Events, A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois Dukane Chapter, Preacher Stone, Ballard Creek, The River House, Rocket Fizz, Ttsg, Art-Flo, Wild Fire H.O.G. Chapter #1084, Jettstream Photography, Crosstown Pub, Maximum Tattoo, Hupy and Abraham, Kunden Architectural – Bill Wampach, KB Reconstruction, The Loop 97.9, Mancow’s Morning Madhouse, Rock Mafia, FC Gear, Grunt Style, Kutchins, Robbins & Diamonds, Ltd., Fairfield Inn, Tryad Solutions, Tequila Nacimiento, Bodylock, Pheasant Run, Six String Crossing, David and Arlene Meyers, and Costco.
  • Thank you to A View from Two, Laurie Martin and Mike Hough and cameraman Steve Martin for all your did the day before the event with the interviews and video we made and for all that you will do in the future to help us promote Lyme awareness. I believe you are a force to be reckoned with. Thanks for your compassion and willingness to not only learn about Lyme disease yourself but to help others learn too. Thank you for making the documentary especially when I know Laurie is having her own health issues right now too.
  • Reporter Ashley Sloboda from Kane County Chronicle for sitting and talking to me and for doing a great article, “St Charles Motorcyclists Rally in St Charles to Ride for Lyme.” Thank you Ashley. <3
  • Fox News for Covering the Event on their news the night before the story.
  • My family who all drove a long way to be here, some which I haven’t seen in a very long time and some who also have Lyme disease. I am blessed to have supportive family.
  • Kristin Collins  who helped me with the interview adding all her knowledge and she so willingly does. Also for being a good friend as we both suffer from Lyme disease. And to her husband Bill for riding!
  • Last but not least…. Char Gustafson and daughter Erica Valker who is also suffering from Lyme disease and was the beneficiary of last years benefit. Erica and Char nominated me for this year. There are no words to thank you enough. I love you both and pray that you feel better soon too Erica. Hugs to you both. Just remember Erica, if it wasn’t for you, none of this would be happening. ♥

I am sure I am missing people on this link and will be adding more!


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Save the Date for Next Year’s Ride: Sept 11, 2016!


Here are pictures from the events that my boyfriend Paul Mall took.

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And if anyone has more send them to me and I’ll post them!


One thought on “Thank you to Lyme Aide and to all who supported the “Ride for Lisa””

  1. WOW LISA!! what great coverage/photos, etc. above.

    i was wandering how your big event came out; now i can take the time later to read/study.

    boy that green bike was something else!

    looking forward to reading the newspaper article too.

    glad you could ENJOY it as much as possible.

    iowa friend, hugs/prayers,
    betty gordon………

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