Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Live Chat

Many people who have Lyme Disease will not feel good enough to go to family’s get together’s this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We don’t want you to feel alone, so please feel free to use this open chat box. We will leave it open all day and night for anyone who feels like they need to connect with others.

Click Here for Holiday Chat

Thanksgiving Holiday Guest Hosts

Laura Grimshaw

Valerie Brightbill Morning

Christina Aggott

Marcia Austin Morning

Thank you to those who moderated the chat on Thanksgiving. We appreciate it so much!

 Christmas Holiday Guest Hosts

Charlotte Therese Björnström

(Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest Coordinator)

Christina Aggott

Thank you ladies!


Here is some humor to help you make it through the holidays. 

Reasons I cannot make it to your event

New Years Resolutions for Lymies

Lymie 12 Days of Christmas

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