The 1,000 Lyme Letters Campaign


A Message from Sheila Bush:

The 1,000 Letters Campaign

We’ve all been to our fair share of doctors who are woefully misinformed about how to properly diagnose and treat Lyme OR who act as though we’re not sick at all but are instead hysterical hypochondriacs vying for attention. I had the idea awhile ago that when one of us has an encounter with a health care practitioner who is belittling, closed-minded, condescending or simply unhelpful that we should post said person’s name and address and then during the same week EACH ONE OF US can snail mail said person a letter describing our own vector-borne illness experience or even simply an article that supports our position (i.e., that chronic Lyme exists and that something needs to be done about it). Imagine if these doctors started receiving thousands of letters from sick people around the world. Sure, some of them won’t pay attention, but I believe it would be a real eye-opener for many of them.

This is a grassroots action that is simple to take. All you have to do is write a letter or bookmark an article you like. When the name and address of someone who needs to be educated/made aware is posted, you print your letter or article, put it in an envelope and mail it. That’s it. A thousand letters to one doctor is going to make some of them sit up and pay attention, and I also believe this collective action could be newsworthy.

So far we have people from 45 states onboard. We would like all 50 states to be represented. Please sign up if you’re willing to take part in the very simple action of mailing a letter or article:

Here is a list of states involved so far:

Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Vermont and Wyoming still don’t have anybody representing them.

We now have every state involved, except for Alaska, Hawaii and Wyoming.

Florida is leading the campaign with 34 participants!

UK: 1
Canada: 2


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