The American Health System Fails Those around the World

world bigThe American Health System Fails Patients around the World

The Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) dictates what guidelines doctors use for infectious diseases. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) suggests that these are the guidelines used and insurance coverage is based on these guidelines. This does not only affect the US, but it affects other countries around the world who also rely on the US guidelines for their own medical care.

Many countries use our health guidelines, trusting our health societies. Sadly this is a mistake and is causing suffering around the world.

These outdated IDSA/CDC guidelines are leaving Lyme patients without proper testing, treatment or any type of care when Lyme disease becomes chronic. Lyme patients around the world have been doing protests, rallies and awareness events asking for the Lyme disease guidelines to be rewritten, but so far with no avail.

One man who is a Lyme patient, well we are reluctant to say “patient” as he is not getting any treatment,  is on a hunger strike trying to get the proper attention and care needed by this failing medical system.

See The Following Article to Learn More about how the IDSA and CDC is failing Lyme patients:

Matthis Lacoste is a 33-year-old Frenchman whose chronic Lyme disease has made it impossible for him to work. France has ended his disability payments and he was told to return to work. Lacoste has embarked on a hunger strike. French Lyme patients have longed complained that their health system takes its cues from the Infectious Disease Society of America’s Lyme disease guidelines, which make it difficult for many who suffer from the illness to even get diagnosed with Lyme, let alone treated.
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If you are a Lyme patient, or a family member or friend taking care of a Lyme patient, please leave a comment on how the American Health system has affected you. Let us know if your country or doctor uses the US Lyme Disease Guidelines for treatment.


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