the debate on how Lyme Disease is transmitted

The Debate about how Lyme Disease is Transmitted?

relevent and up to date lyme disease informationthe debate on how Lyme Disease is transmitted

Transmission of Lyme Disease

There is lots of contradictory information about how Lyme disease and other tick borne infections are transmitted. Many doctors will tell you that the tick needs to be attached to you for at least 36 hours before it can transmit Lyme disease to you. But, we are still trying to find any evidence or research showing this to be true.

On the other hand, we have found quite a bit of research to the contrary. There seems to be a lot of research stating that tick borne illnesses can be transmitted even in less than ten hours. Also, remember most people never even see the tick that attached to them, as it may be hidden in their hairline or some place easily missed, so how would anyone know how long the tick was attached?

As for which type of bugs transmit Lyme disease and other tick borne infections, so far science has only proven ticks transmit these diseases. But, science has proven that other bugs carry these illnesses. The consensus seems to be that because spider, mosquitos or flies bite you quickly, that they cannot pass it to a human. However, since the studies below show this not to be true, how true can this statement be? Many Lyme patients claim to have been bitten by spiders or flies before developing the bull’s eye rash.

I am not a doctor or professional researcher. I am just a Lyme patient looking for answers myself. So this information I collect, is just for the sake of trying to find answers to what is making our generation so sick. Whether you call it Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or whatever, there is something making a bunch of us sick, with no known cause. Of course, unless that cause happens to be Borrelia Burgdorferi and/or a combination of co infections.   ~Lisa Hilton

How long does a Tick have to be Attached to Transmit Lyme Disease?

The CDC Says:

“In most cases, the tick must be attached for 36 to 48 hours or more before the Lyme disease bacterium can be transmitted.”

But this is simply Not true: Transmission can happen quicker.

What Bugs Transmit Lyme Disease?

According to the CDC:

“There is no credible evidence that Lyme disease can be transmitted through air, food, water, or from the bites of mosquitoes, flies, fleas, or lice.”


Research Shows:
Studies do show that other bugs carry Lyme Disease. It also shows that many of the co infections can be passed through other bugs too.  More studies are necessary to prove that these other vectors can pass Lyme to humans.

So Why does the CDC Say:

“Ticks not known to transmit Lyme disease include Lone star ticks (Amblyomma americanum), the American dog tick (Dermacentor variabilis), the Rocky Mountain wood tick (Dermacentor andersoni), and the brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus).”

When Research Shows:

And don’t forget the Co infections

Is Lyme Disease Sexually Transmitted?

Then the CDC says:

“There is no credible scientific evidence that Lyme disease can be spread from person-to-person through sexual contact. The biology of the Lyme spirochete is not consistent with sexual transmission, attempts to demonstrate sexual transmission in infected animals have all failed, and there has not been a single, adequately documented case of sexual transmission of Lyme disease reported in the scientific literature.”

Yet there are these studies that show otherwise:

Can Lyme Disease be Passed Congenitally or through Breastfeeding?

The CDC says:

“Lyme disease acquired during pregnancy may lead to infection of the placenta and possible stillbirth; however, no negative effects on the fetus have been found when the mother receives appropriate antibiotic treatment. There are no reports of Lyme disease transmission from breast milk.” (From

Research seems to prove othewise.

Can I get Lyme Disease through a Blood Transfusion?

The CDC Says:

“Although no cases of Lyme disease have been linked to blood transfusion, scientists have found that the Lyme disease bacteria can live in blood that is stored for donation. Individuals being treated for Lyme disease with an antibiotic should not donate blood. Individuals who have completed antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease may be considered as potential blood donors. Information on the current criteria for blood donation is available on the Red Cross website External Web Site Icon.”

Research Shows:

While research might not show Lyme Disease has been transmitted “YET,” there are several people claiming they got infected  through a blood transmission. There is research showing spirochetes have been found in the blood stored for transfusions. Several of the co infections such as Babesia, Anaplasmosis and Erlichiosis have now been proven to be transmitted.

Expanded Study Confirms that Lyme Disease May Be Sexually Transmitted

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  2. I have not found conclusive evidence about the transmission of Lyme from one person to another through contact; kissing, eating/drinking after one another, etc. Could someone address this issue please.

  3. lisa,
    thanks for compiling all this info in ONE spot 😉

    i’ll check these out later. supper time.

    hugs, bettyg, iowa activist

  4. There is nothing in this article about transmission through a cat bite (Cat Scratch Disease). This is how I contracted Bartonella, and which eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease.

    1. We were focusing mainly on Borrelia, once we get into co infections there will be endless transmission routes.. but I just added a “co infection” section for you too….

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