The Debate on Essential Oils


Are all Oils Created Equally?

In the Lyme disease community and other chronic illness communities you hear a lot about Essential Oils and the  many different companies that offer them. Many chronically ill patients are reporting to be helped by the oils in many different ways such as with sleep, pain and stress relief.

But before you go off buying any you should make sure to research what oils you are using and what company there are from. There has been some debate lately as a researcher put his research out there saying not all oils are pure like they claim to be after running his own tests on what the oils ingredients truly were. You can see this research in the groups posted below.

Please Note: One point many people were making in these groups was that a synthetic chemical and a natural chemical of the same structure and purity are exactly the same. Your body doesn’t know the difference and doesn’t care where or how it was made or isolated.

When people are talking about “adulteration of the oils, realize that there are many different types of adulteration. Most adulteration of essential oils involves the addition of a synthetic version of a chemical and this does not significantly affect safety in most cases. But if a substance is medicinally powerful, then it is actually more likely to be toxicologically powerful too. Lavender oil for example has no very powerful effects, and it’s also a very safe oil. Cinnamon bark and Oregano on the other hand are quite powerful oils, so would have more safety issues.

If you would like to educate yourself more on the types that are found to be pure or not pure, please check out these following articles and groups where these discussions are going on.

As with all “Healing Aids” be safe, do your research and we wish you luck on your journey!




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