Dr John Bleiweiss

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 Dr John Bleiweiss

 A Lyme patient himself, dedicated his career to helping over 1200 of the most seriously ill Lyme victims return to productive lives. He researched and published many articles in medical journals that still define the standard for treatment protocols and lead the way to diagnosis for many. He was well loved and respected by his patients who traveled from around the world to see him.

 Dr Bleiweiss took his own life August 13, 1995, after being persecuted for treating patients with Lyme disease for seven years.

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A Letter from a Patient

An Article by Dr Bleiweiss

The Tragic Death Of Lyme Disease Physician Dr. John Bleiweiss & The Government Sanctioned Witch Hunt On Lyme Disease Specialists & Their Patients

Response To ‘Lyme Doctor Sanctioned’

This Lyme Quilt square was made by Christina Murphy in honor of Dr Bleiswell. To learn more about the Lyme Quilt click here.

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