poetry inspired by lyme

The Lyme Life by Tara

poetry inspired by lyme

The Lyme Life.

Exhaustion.  Sudden.
Comes over your whole being.
Like a candle being blown out.

Pain. Blinding.
Making you aware.
Aware of parts before unknown.

Once Like a steel trap.
Unable to contain anything.
Long-term. Short-term.
People forgotten. Conversations forgotten. Everything forgotten.

Once strong.
Unable to get you out of bed.
Escape your control.

Words unimaginable.

Feelings. Overwhelming.
Mania.  Depression.  PTSD.  Rage.
Anything to escape.  Spiraling. Spiraling.

Family and friends.
Unable to comprehend.
Some unwilling.

The medical community.
Medieval. Closed minded.
The world is flat. Wrong is right.



~ Tara Watsun


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