The Lyme Quilt Team

10371360_471185916357048_3939984539546757159_n would like to thank the Lyme Quilt Team!

One of the really amazing things that came out of Lyme activism is the Lyme Quilt.

Made by a team of Lyme patients, the Lyme quilt has travelled around to different Lyme events. Each square is representing a Lyme patient, some for those struggling with Chronic Lyme Disease and some are a memorial to those who have been lost because of it.

The Lyme Quilt was started in 2014 as an effort to give the entire lyme disease community a voice in the fight for recognition, more research, better testing and treatment for lyme disease.

We would like to thank:

Nancie Brengle: Main quilt coordinator11159535_564275793714726_1857521340604847655_n
Kenneth Poindexter:
Main quilt coordinator
Tami Griffin: original concept
Angela Furlong: volunteer (non lymie btw) who sewed the first quilt
Melynda Suarez and Darlene Moser: volunteers (non lymie btw) who sewed the 2nd panel
Christina Murphy: has made countless memorial squares for those who have passed. Helps with printing and also traveling with the quilt
Valarie Murphy and Kaethe Mitchel: have graciously volumteered to help anyone who cant make a square of their own
Rory Hubert Kahn: joined us and doing green squares.

Kenneth Poindexter says:
“And more than any of us, credit needs to go to the houndreds of lymies who have contributed their squares to this ever growing masterpiece of art.”

Nancie says:
“The quilt was entered into a fair and won first place in the causes category .
We plan on showcasing it at the offices of our LLMD’s in our down times.”

The quilt has travelled to the following events:

Past appearances

  • Deb Elder doing the candlelight vigil at the Mayday Protest in front of the IDSA Headquarters.
    Deb Elder doing the candlelight vigil at the Mayday Protest in front of the IDSA Headquarters.

    The Great Frederick Fair

  • MayDay 2014, Arlington, VA
  • IDWeek 2014, Philladelphia, PA
  • Central Mass Lyme Conference, Worcester, MA
  • MayDay 2015, Arlington, VA
  • Lyme Conference 2015, Binghamton, NY
  • Festival of Legonds, Camp Hill, NC
  • Ticked Off Music Fest, Annapolis, MD

And many many more to come. We have plans to take it to an event in Canada as well as a Golf Fundraiser in MA later this summer. And trying to arrange for it to be somewhere for “Red Shoe Day” in May.

Note: Ken and Nancie have used their own money to fund this project and get it to all the Lyme events . If you would like to help them by donating you can CONTACT THEM HERE.

Please Visit us at:

The Lyme Quilt Website

The Lyme Quilt on Facebook

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See More Pictures Here

Leave a comment below for the Lyme Quilt team. Let them know what the Lyme Quilt and all their hard work means to you!

8 thoughts on “The Lyme Quilt Team”

  1. to the quilt team,

    i just went to lisa’s “see more photos”.

    may i suggest you DELETE where people can vote DOWN each quilt block?

    each person has given thought/time to making this. i don’t feel it’s right for others to JUDGE if the finished block measures up to the person judging this. it’s such a “put down” in my humble opinion.

    thanks for your consideration; show the thumbs up ONLY not giving them the other option.

    bettyg, iowa activist

  2. Heartfelt thanks for thinking of this idea and MAKING it a reality that is just beautiful!!

    Wow, it’s huge; Lisa’s photos above helped me to comprehend this that I didn’t realize watching the livestream mayday project events.

    Thank you to EACH person on this huge quilt team in what they have done, and to the 2 people who have given their personal money to send it here/there!

    I’ve had chronic lyme 46.5 yrs; 35 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 drs. I want to make a square for next year’s mayday viewing.

    Thank you one and all for our outstanding labor of love for our HUGE LYME/CO-INFECTION community.

    Is this only AMERICA or are other countries represented too? Thanks to all.

    hugs/prayers always,
    bettyg, iowa activist 😉

  3. Yes, incredible teamwork indeed!! Every time I see this quilt, I feel it viscerally, and my eyes begin to shine. How we would love to see it make a west coast tour. Thank you so much for this great work, and for taking it on the road! All the best to each and every one of you in the team.

  4. The quilt has grown quickly from an idea to reality. I was surprised and pleased to see it had doubled since last year. What a remarkable idea and teamwork.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful display that has become an icon of the MayDay Protest. I hope to get a square done someday so it can be added also. You all do a fabulous job!

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