The monsters of pain are deep inside me
from an illness I do not mention, you see
as it is believed that it does not exist here
which means wrong diagnoses I do fear
I was bitten by a little parasite bush tick
for many years now I have had been sick
on my left side, the monster pains started
and my very active lifestyle soon departed
then the anomalies transferred to my right
attacking the limbs with a painful fright
they would shift often, making me scream
the pains would even appear in my dream
soon the monsters would hold me down
so that I could not even walk into town
my legs seemed to be turning to hard stone
my muscles felt hard as an old dog’s bone
I only could walk as far as the front door
then the monsters pushed me to the floor
and sometimes I would lay there all day
crying in pain, the monsters had their way
I started to develop many excruciating sores
connecting themselves through my pores
to my veins and affecting my nervous system
no medication did not seem to get rid of them
first appearing on the arms then all over me
weirdly, is that they came in pairs, you see
the little monsters went in so deep in my skin
to describe my pain I don’t know how to begin
rashes formed around the sores I would scratch
they looked like bulls-eyes like in a darts match
I soon lost my appetite and lost a lot of weight
these agonising monsters in me I did really hate
my memory went and my eyes became so ichy
even my attitude changed and I was a bit bitchy
I would suddenly fall asleep at the drop of a hat
then the monsters would wake me just like that
to make me feel the aches over and over again
I think they were trying to get me to go insane
had dizzy spells, loss of breath and fuzzy sight
my strength was like superman on kryptonite
even my heart was not in a rhythmical beat
I would sweat in the cold, shiver in the heat
the monsters of pain ruined my motor function
my balance and the joints at every junction
I could not hold, cuddle my babies and wife
sometimes…. I felt doing away with my life
’cause these monsters were driving me crazy
and people around me thought I was just lazy
most days I crawled on my hands and knees
and my mind had the sound of buzzing bees
also my eyes would hurt when I was in the sun
the monsters of pain were having so much fun
the doctors had no idea what I was going through
after many tests they said this will have to do
calling it an unknown chronic fatigue syndrome
sorry we cannot help only you can rest at home
I could explain many more of the monsters in me
that were giving so much pain there is to be
still even have the scars that the sores left behind
my sight had improved, lucky I did not go blind

it was twenty years ago when the monsters came
and the tick’s spirochetal bacteria was to blame
I had survived somewhat the monsters of pain
but the horrors do reappear time and time again
lucky it is not as bad as it was in the early years
though another tick bite is one of my biggest fears

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