The ‘S.O.S Lyme’ Documentary can now be Watched Free

The ‘S.O.S Lyme’ Documentary can now be Watched Free

The documentary “S.O.S. Lyme, an invisible epidemic” deals with the most serious aspects of Lyme disease such as paralysis, blindness, and pain. But also shows the consequences such as: placing in care, alleged child abuse, euthanasia, welfare issues and misdiagnoses. Patients will be interviewed as well as Dutch experts and international physicians such as Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Burrascano, Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. de Meirleir and Dr. Schwarzbach.

“Thanks so much for this great film. A very impressive documentary about how it is to live with an unrecognised disease. An informative documentary that shows the harsh reality but also gives hope. Everyone should watch this S.O.S. Lyme Documentary”Dr. Armin Schwarzbach – Arminlabs

“This film is very good since it shows the distress, even death and then the hope with even the recovery at a part of the patients” Prof. Christian Perronne

“Very good documentary” Prof. Dr. de Meirleir



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