Three Lymies are sitting around a table.

Three Lymies are sitting around a table.
The first one says: “Man this morning I was standing in the driveway and I didn’t know if I was walking to the mailbox, or from it!”
The second one says, “Yeah today I opened the frig and didn’t know if I needed the milk or the butter.”
The third one says, “Thank God it hasn’t affected my memory yet, knock on wood.” Then proceeds to stand up and say, “Oh someone is at the door, Ill be right back…”


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A great cartoon book, written by David Skidmore, mocking the situation we all endure everyday as Lyme patients.


6 thoughts on “Three Lymies are sitting around a table.”

  1. My husband and I laugh all the time at my goofiness! I always try and find the humor in everything. he is a goofy, funny person naturally, so it helps. I like how I can watch a movie and sometimes in about a month or so, not remember it and watch it again.
    The cool thing is, he usually knows what I mean when I forget words.
    Us watching TV
    Me: Isn’t that the girl from that movie
    husband: Yea, that movie with that guy
    Me: yea, that guy from that TV show
    husband: yea that show about the that thing

    our son:You two just had an entire conversation and said absolutely nothing sunstantive

    1. OH that made me laugh!!! Thanks for sharing.. Its good we can laugh at ourselves a bit. I think we have to , to survive this. I totally understood that conversation between you and your hubby hahaha!

  2. lol

    it’s funny because it’s so true! But only funny because my brain is back (most of the time) from wherever it went last year, PTL! All the horrible symptoms I’ll gladly bear until I am well as long as I can have my brain. Well, not gladly, but , you know…

  3. This is the first time in five years that something about having lyme made me laugh. Most of our hours are so dark…this gave a sliver of light to my day. Thank you.

  4. That actually made me laugh out loud…and then I read it to my husband…and he laughed too. That was me not so long ago. :))

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