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Ticks are Small!

“But I didn’t see a tick on me!”

How many times do we hear people say this who end up having Lyme Disease or other tick borne infections?

Well check out how small these ticks are in the pictures Lyme patients have sent in. The nymph tick can be as small as the period at the end of this sentence. Ticks like to hide in your hairline, armpits, ear lobes and the groin area, so unless you check these places daily, you may have a tick hanging out there that you haven’t even seen.

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tick pictures
Photo sent in by Christy Maxwell
Thank you Christy Maxwell for this picture!

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It doesn’t have to be a deer tick to pass a Lyme or other diseases!

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So many times, we hear Lyme patients tell us that a doctor dismissed their case of Lyme disease or refused to treat a new tick bite because, “It wasn’t a deer tick.”

Well next time you get a new tick bite, please print off these articles and bring them to your doctor because it’s not only deer ticks that pass Lyme.  Not to mention that different ticks pass different infections other then Lyme too.

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Tick know NO borders!

How many of us have been told that we can’t have Lyme disease because ticks don’t carry Lyme in our states? This is such a huge fallacy.

If a canine map shows that dogs in every single state get Lyme, why is the human map any different? Is the CDC saying that ticks only bite humans in certain states?

Check out the canine map Vs the human map.

Note: Notice how the canine map does not have one state that they have not found a dog with Lyme in. Then note that the human map only shows a handful of states in the “red zone.” It’s amazing how the ticks get from the East Coast to Midwest Wisconsin without ever entering the states in between! (Sarcasm intended.)

Bottom Line: Lyme is everywhere, in every state and in every country other then Antartica. Birds migrate, animals travel, people travel with pets. Ticks know no borders. Below is a documentary that will tell you how fast ticks are traveling Northward in Canada.

Are canine maps more accurate then human maps when it comes to Lyme disease?
Are canine maps more accurate then human maps when it comes to Lyme disease?

If you have Lyme feel free to add yourself onto our map.

lyme documentary


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3 thoughts on “Tick Pictures and Questions”

  1. i found what i thought might be a tick near my little dogs but this thing was grey and would cover my baby fingernail..about 1/2 inch long and 1/4 inch wide..is that a tick?

    1. Hey Paul, its hard to say unless you send a pic for us to look at .. if you took a pic send it to wheresthekarma@yahoo.com. Distinguishing details to tell the difference between a tick and other bugs are that ticks have eight legs and don’t have antennas. I hope that helps a little

  2. Lyme disease is in Washington. I was told they are black tics, and that among the many hosts, they are carried by birds. Having Lyme disease in the Seattle area is tough. No one knows what it is.
    Thanks for everything you do for us.

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