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The First Defense against Lyme Disease. 

There are a lot of ways people post about on how to remove ticks. Most of these ways are incorrect. Please read this carefully so you understand the correct way to remove a tick.


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General tips are do not twist, squeeze or put any chemicals on to smother or burn the tick. Twisting can lead to the tick’s head getting stuck in you. Burning or smothering in chemicals leads to the tick regurgitating their stomach contents into you. Lyme bacteria lives in their gut, increasing your chance to being infected.

These tick removal tools are recommended because they allow you to get closest to the tick’s head and pull up slowly to remove the tick.

These are available right on Amazon and are pretty cheap. You can also find them on Ebay.

Tick Remover Kits

The Original Ticked Off Tick Remover Three (3) Pack with Key Hole family Colors May Vary

The ticked off tick remover is safe, effective and easy-to-use
A specially designed notch grabs the tick at skin level and removes it completely in one motion.
Bowl-shaped end securely contains the tick for easy disposal
Helps reduce risk of disease; veterinarian and physician endorsed
Measures 6-inch length by 4-inch width by 1-inch height.

TickEase Tick Remover Dual Tipped Tweezers

  • TickEase is the only dual-sided tick-removal device that allows you to remove ticks from people, dogs, cats and all other pets with just one tool.
  • The fine-tipped, pointy design, was made specifically for the effective removal of engorged ticks. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the use of fine-tipped or pointy tweezers for the proper removal of ticks for humans.
  • The slotted scoop is designed to quickly and easily remove engorged ticks from your pets and other animals. Simply place it against the skin, slide under the tick, and lift with steady even pressure.
  • Stainless steel tweezers safely remove ticks of all sizes, types, and levels of engorgement.

The Tick Key for Tick Removal 3 Pack (Multi)

The TickKey is made to attach to your key ring or your pet’s collar.  Just simply put the ticks body through the largest part of the opening in the key, slide it down so the smallest part of the opening is around the tick as close to your skin as you can get it, and give it a pull. Safely removes the tick body and embedded head.

Pro-tick Remedy with 5x Magnifier, Key Chain, Tick Id Card and Tick Tutorial

 Pro-tick Remedy now includes a 5X magnifier and a multi-species tick id card. The Pro-tick Remedy was superior when tested against other tick removers and tweezers. Here’s a quote from a research paper published in 1995. ” . . . while others (tick removers and tweezers) broke the tip of the hypostrome and chelicerae (mouthparts) in at least one tick. The Pro-tick Remedy succeeded in removing all fifty-one ticks without damaging any mouthparts . . . results indicate that the Pro-tick Remedy removed the most tick cement while causing the least damage . . .”

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