Tick Resistant Clothing


Tick Resistant Clothing

Today my daughter wrote me and asked me if Permethrin was safe? It started me thinking about all the different types of repellents we use to ward off mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs, but I often forget about the tick repellent clothing. So today, I though I’d write a blog for those of you who are hunters, disc golfers, campers or just parents with  kids who like to play outside or at the park a lot where they would be at more risk for ticks. (Although, remember you can get ticks right in your front yard.)

So please look down the list to see if anything interests you. And please remember to do tick checks on yourself and your children after playing outdoors. Teach your children what to look for too! Also, check your pets when they come in from outdoors. You might want to read, “What to do when Bitten by a Tick,” and, “Tick Prevention.”

Companies that make Tick Resistant Clothing are: DrFrid Kidswear, ExOfficio BugsAway, Gamehide ElimiTick, White Sierra Bug Free, Solstice Apparel Men’s Insect Repellent , RYNOSKIN.

Please let us know if there is a brand you have tried out that works by commenting in the comment section below. We would like to hear from you. Let’s keep our children and ourselves safe from Lyme disease and other tick born infections. ♥

You can check out all of Dr Frid’s Tick suits on her website: www.drfrid.com

Or if you’d rather shop on Amazon you can also find them there.

For Women

For  Men

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