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TickChek: How to Test a Tick for Lyme Disease

How to Test a Tick for Lyme Disease

If you have found this page, you may have found a tick on you, someone in your family or on a pet. It’s great that your  are being proactive and looking into getting the tick tested. This can bring you peace of mind and let you know the risks of developing an infection. Please read below for instructions on what to do to get the tick tested for Lyme disease and other co infections. Thank you for learning more about TickCheck!

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Can you test dead/live/crushed/preserved ticks?
*  TickChek uses Polychromase Chain Reaction (PCR) to successfully extract and amplify data from even the most damaged samples. Yes, we can test it!

How does the order process work?
1. Go to https://www.TickChek.com/order
2. Choose what kind of tick you have, or choose the free LAB IDENTIFY option
3. Choose your tick testing package (see options above)
4. Enter your contact information
5. Complete your order and pay (via Credit Card, PayPal, or Check)
6. Print out the Testing Receipt and mailing label that will be emailed to you
7. Mail your tick and testing receipt to our laboratory
8. Receive updates via email & SMS when tick is received, and when results are available (in 48-72 hrs)

* >55% of ticks have been found to carry Lyme disease or at least one other tick-borne disease
* About 20% of ticks carry Lyme disease, and 10% are co-infected with two or more diseases

What We Test For (Underlined is tested in COMPREHENSIVE only):

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Tick Identification Chart:

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