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Ticked Off by Janet Decesare

lyme books

I was a strong, hardworking woman raising a family, helping my husband with his business, mowing four acres of yard every week, gardening, and holding a job down. I felt like superwoman. But as time wore on, so did my health. Unlike the majority of well-known ailments that plague the general American population each year, Lyme disease is not an illness often heard about in the media. Yet for many, this tick-born virus is a death sentence-forever changing their lives for the worse. After twelve years of suffering, Janet DeCesare shares her story in Ticked Off, an emotional story of her battle with chronic Lyme disease. With thousands infected each year, the misdiagnosis and lack of knowledge in the mainstream medical community is shocking. This memoir will wade through the confusion and expose the truth about the symptoms, effects, and cures. Whether you are suffering with Lyme disease or only know someone who is, find hope and a voice amid the silence as Janet searches for answers to her own decaying health. Once you hear her story, you too will be Ticked Off!

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