Time is Running out to Help with the Holiday Wishlist for Lyme Patients!


Just one last reminder!

Several families have gotten their wishes answered this year thanks to many angels in this Lyme community and their friends and families who pitched in to help! There are still some who haven’t had their wishes granted yet. If you are in the position to do so, please look through this list and see if there’s anyone you can help.

Remember no gift is too small. A bottle of supplements, a little baby outfit, a gift card to one child, all these things will help make someone’s day a better one and renew their faith in humanity by reminding them that “someone” cares.

We cannot take anymore new wishes but are dedicated to getting the wishes we have listed already filled. 

For People Who Wish to Donate to Those in Need

  • Visit the Holiday Wishlist For Children or For Adults
  • Click on the names on the list to read the person’s story and see their needs.
  • Contact us on how to send gifts to the person you choose to help. You can reach us HERE or on ourGlobal Lyme and Invisible Facebook Page.
  • If you wish to donate or give away an item such as supplements, a craft, or some type of gift, we can list that for you in the “Give Away” section also.

Click Here to Visit the Holiday Wishlist for Children

Click Here to Visit the Holiday Wishlist for Adults


Pictures of some gift boxes that have been sent to children this year.


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