Timeline on Katie Couric and Lyme Disease

Earlier in 2013 after seeing Katie Couric post on her website, the question, “What was your worst health scare?” several Lyme patients on Facebook decided to start a campaign of emailing Katie Couric to ask her about Lyme Disease. The response was overwhelming as Lyme patients posted on Katie’s Facebook, Twitter and Website pleaing with her to pay attention to this epidemic that is being ignored. http://katiecouric.com/lets-talk/what-was-your-worst-health-scare/

Katie responded to some of the messages and appeared to take a genuine interest in Lyme Disease.

In September of 2013  it was announced that she was looking for patients to interview and collecting Lyme stories on her website and Facebook. Again several Lyme patients filled up her walls with their stories and pleas for help.

On October 9, 2013 Katie asked on her website for patient stories. https://www.facebook.com/KatieCouric/posts/467522843366050

Click here and go to 3rd video down to watch Katie’s show on Lyme Disease.

In October of 2013 her show aired.

There was a mixed reaction to the contents. She had on Dr Horowitcz who did a brilliant job defending the right to treat Lyme patients and the fact that Chronic Lyme exists. But why, is it even a debate? Lyme patients responded on Katie’s walls that it was great to have a show to bring awareness to Lyme Disease, but sad that once again, it was all about the “debate” to whether Lyme Disease exists or not. This is what happened on Dr Phil and this is what always seems to happen with Lyme Disease. Has there ever been a debate about whether cancer exists? I don’t get why it always goes back to this when there is ample research stating it does exists, not just in human medicine but in veterinarian too.

Persistant Lyme Research Papers

Formation of ‘dormant’ Borrelia stages

 Monkey-Persistant Lyme Research

The Case For Chronic Infection

 New class of Toll-like receptor 2 ligands capable of enhancing autoimmunity-

Long-Term Antibiotic Therapy Improves Persistent Symptom

73 peer-reviewed studies showing that Lyme disease can persist or relapse despite antibiotic therapy


The Friday following the show on Lyme Disease, Katie shows some texts from Lyme Patients an their reactions to the show. She admits that a twenty minute segment wasn’t enough time to bring enough attention to this cause. Click the picture below to watch the video of Katie talking about this.


If you would like to continue to ask Katie to do another show on Lyme Disease and leave comments on her websites either thanking her for doing the show, or asking her to do another please visit these links.


Katie’s Facebook

Katie Couric’s Website  Lyme Discussion

Katie Couric’s Twitter


2 thoughts on “Timeline on Katie Couric and Lyme Disease”

  1. i got lyme in germany almost 18 year ago knew nothing about it got antibiotics that made me sick so i stoped taking them I got pregnate a few month later and she testes possitive for lymy. i had a two year flare up that went from bad to horrible my doctore tested for lymy and when i told him that i had it mny years ago he said all of my mest up health maade sence now. he got moved and im now seing a very young army doctore that tod me that she did not belive in having flare ups several times a year this time its really bad my memorie goes little by little and due to her trieding me like i was making it makes me not want want to go to the doctore

  2. Please continue to uncover this mess. I suffer daily it’s physical and mental effects. You’ve started to let others see what this can do. Please, my son suffered for his young years from 6 to 12. He’s 18 now and after three years of oral antibiotics he’s been dormant.. I have a dozen lesions on my brain that drs make no big deal of, excerpt my thinking is altered, positive tests, live at doctors since 2002. My motto to my son is God gives you one life, make everyday count. It’s a sad thing yo see how this can take away the life you dearly love.

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