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Tip for Removing Ticks from your Clothes: Use a Lint Roller

Tip for removing ticks from your clothes after coming in from the outdoors:

Use a lint roller! Go over all your clothes with a lint roller. Look at this picture below after this fellow came in from a walk in the woods!


tick removal
Photo Source: Trevor Robers

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3 thoughts on “Tip for Removing Ticks from your Clothes: Use a Lint Roller”

  1. If this was really removing ticks wouldn’t the top of the tick be against the tape? Looks backwards to me. Looks like someone just stuck ticks on the roller.What part of the tick is presented to roller – the bottom of the tick or the top? Seldom have I seen the legs of the tick up (i.e. tick upside down on the dog).. I find this dangerous because you cannot ensure you get the head. Gently pulling a tick from the back with tweezers to ensure the head is removed is important.

    1. Yes this is more for going over your clothes when you come in from outside, obviously not for removing embedded ticks.If you look right under the picture you see a picture on how to remove a tick properly. This is just an extra tool you can use quickly to make sure you get ticks off of clothes. For your body you will have to do a tick check as the instructions below the picture explain.

    2. Its not to remove once embedded….you come from the woods etc…roll the lint roller over your pets and your hair and clothing….it will capture a crawling tick…and as your rolling ticks can be turned over…..😃

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