Today we would like to thank: You

mirrorEveryday of May 2015, put out a thank you tribute to those who are making a difference in the Lyme community. There are so many wonderful advocates in our community and we will continue to do this bi weekly even after May is over. If you would like to write up a tribute to someone you see making a difference in our community and send it to us to post, we would be happy to do that. Just Contact Us Here

But for today, we would like to thank, YOU. The Lyme patient. If it wasn’t for all of you who support all the events, rallies, walks, protests, online campaigns, none of this would work. It is you, who is sitting at home, sharing Lyme awareness posters and memes and tweeting and pinning and tumbling and Facebooking and doing whatever else it is you do, who makes the biggest difference. So thank you for all that you do!  

So when you are feeling at your lowest, too sick to go anywhere, too sick to take a shower, too sick to do anything but go onto Facebook and vent about Lyme or share another Lyme awareness Tweet.. just know that you are ‘planting the seed” in someone else’s mind, you are teaching one more person about what Lyme does to you, to families, to children. You are doing your part by sharing the message. Hopefully one day this message will be heard, with open minds and open hearts. But keep on trying, don’t give up, and just know that YOU are doing your best. ♥

Thank YOU!
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