Tracey’s Lyme Story


Tracey’s Story on her and her Son’s
Journey through Lyme Disease

This story was posted on the “Red Shoe Day” event page, an event to honor those lost to Lyme and other Invisible Illnesses. With permission from Tracey, we reposted it here.

Tracey writes:

In 2009..I tried to commit suicide and wasn’t successful. At that time, my diagnosis was Fibromyalgia and a hundred other conditions.

I was just recently diagnosed with Lyme and Coinfections. I had my first tick bite over 25 years ago. Than another tick bite 2 years ago. I was was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia one year later, after that first tick bite in 1991.

I had my first Lyme test  back in 1993. The rheumy said it was a false positive…and that I didn’t have Lyme. I was tested multiple times throughout the years for Lyme disease and was CDC negative. A Western Blot was never followed up with.

I WAS never the same again.. It was the decline of my health over the years. I retired from work at the age of 45. I grieved my old life.

My 2nd tick bite was 2 years ago. The tick was embedded in my back. The Dr gave me the 2 pill doxy protocol. She also removed the tick and sent it away at my request. When the report came back…it said that the mouth parts were missing. That Dr left the mouth parts in my back. I than had my dermatologist remove the mouth parts. She put me on 4 weeks of doxy.
I was hospitalized for different conditions like..asthma and pancreaitis and debilitating migraines. Doctors never were able to tell me why…except that I have a autoimmune disorder.

Some of my conditions that I was diagnosed with were…Trigeminal Neuralgia…Occipital Neuralgia…TMJ…TMDD…loss of my jaw bone..premature loss of all my teeth due to chronic abscesses and dental issues…vasculitis…psoriasis…eczema..dermatitis. polyneuropathy..autonomic neuropathy…migraines..costochondritis..iron defiency anemia…low vitD defiency. .low iron saturation levels..low ferritin..osteopenia..osteoarthritis…Degenerativdisk disease..eye conditions..vertigo..tinnitus..
Raynauds…plantar fasciitis…Achilles tendonitis…hashimoto /hypothyroidism…IBS…
Depression…Anxiety…MFTHR and screwed up mutations..can’t detox properly…..depleted hormones. …carpal tunnel in both hands…ulnar nerve compression…Essential tremors…sinus and bronchial infections. ..Adenomyosis, Cervical and lumbar radiculopathy and stenosis.

Many mris…spinal taps to rule out MS….skin biopsies..nerve biopsy..cardiac catherization to rule out cardiomyopathy or heart disease…brain mris..cervical and lumbar mris…many cervical and lumbar steroid nerve blocks and injections.

A couple hospitalizations for depression and suicidal idealizations. The way we are treated by the so called medical professionals and the denial of late stage Lyme…is a disgrace to all who suffer and who have lost their lives.

I also had a snowmobile accident back in 2000…that involved a traumatic brain injury. That accident seemed to jump start every thing for me. I’ve had many viruses and shingles outbreaks.

I retired from work in 2010, at the age of 45. I could no longer work because of my health.
I was a runner and weight lifter for many years…but had to give that up as well due to post exertion malaise and CFS.

I also believe that my 30 year old son has, chronic late stage Lyme. He had tick bites as a little 3 year old boy. He also had multiple health problems over the years and was tested multiple times throughout the years for Lyme and was CDC negative. It’s not normal for a little boy of 4 years old to have chronic migraines and be on migraine meds . He would get migraines so bad…that I would take him to the ER. He had the growing pains. IBS and chronic colitis. ..ADD…cfs..mysterious rashes…fainting episodes diagnosed as syncope. Vitamin and mineral defiencies. Pneumonia and sinus infections…bronchitis. Eye infections.

I’m hoping he will get retested through Igenex and see a LLMD. He also has tanked adrenals and sex hormones…and iron deficiency anemia. I pray he gets help before its too late. He has lived with this crap for so long…that I believe he thinks it’s normal aging. (It’s not)

I used Igenex for my retesting. I have co infections Bartonella and Mycoplasma.
On morning, back in around 2006…I woke up with mysterious scratches on my chest. Couldn’t figure out what the weird squiggly scratches were . They came out of nowhere.
Well I finally know….it only took 10 years to figure it out. It was Bartonella. Now confirmed by Igenex. I have several positive bands and IND bands on the Igenex Western Blot.

The struggle is real. As long as I’m alive..I will advocate for Lyme and all those who lost their lives because of this horrible disease and who continue to fight for their health because of the ignorance of the medical community..and the government.. I am thankful for my friends in the chronic illness community. I no longer feel alone. I’m so sorry for the loss of your loved ones. We fight as Lyme warriors, in honor of the fallen♡

~ Tracey


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  1. Tracey, thank you for sharing your story Treece is very interesting I’m sorry you’ve gone through so much like the rest of us have best wishes for the future hugs and prayers always.

    Bettyhill. Iowa

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