Traveling Flags at the “Lace up for Lyme Walk” in Milwaukee, Wi

“Lace up for Lyme,” the Milwaukee Lyme walk

May 7, 2011


“Lace up for Lyme,” the Milwaukee Lyme walk was the first stop for the Lyme Flags. The maker who came up with this idea, Deb, had the thought to make the flags to represent all the people who wanted to be at the Lyme walk, but couldn’t because they were too sick.

She started making these flags, using green table cloth and dowels. She collected the names from Lyme patients online that wished to be represented. Their names were then written on each flag.

At the walk the flags were set out on the table and walker that did attend paid $1 to carry a flag throughout the walk. At the end all collected was donated to the Lyme Support Network, which in turn donated it all to Wisconsin when they started their new non profit, Wisconsin Lyme Network.

It was such a huge success that soon word traveled and we started getting requests from other groups to use the Lyme flags at their events. They soon became known as, “The Traveling Lyme Flags.”

If you would like to use the flags at your event please Contact us Here

Here’s some pictures from the first event they were in.

Deb on the right, the woman who created, and hand stitched the Lyme flags.

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