Traveling Lyme Flags at the New Hampshire~ Lyme 411 Laconia Conference

The Traveling Lyme Flags were an idea by Deb La Barbera in 2011. Deb was helping us put together a Lyme walk in Wisconsin in 2011 and she had this idea to represent those that could not be there, by creating a flag for them that another person could carry at the event. Soon she had the idea of adding in flags for those we have lost to Lyme disease. She handmade each flag out of vinyl and a wooden pole, stitching each one together. She added a black ribbon to the ones representing those who we have lost.People from all over the country began asking to use the Lyme flags at their events, and soon they started to travel to other countries. They became the “Traveling Lyme Flags.”

If you would like to use the flags at your event please Contact Us Here
Cost $50 plus return shipping.

May 28,2011 New Hampshire~ Lyme 411 Laconia Conference

Nancy Bourassa from Lyme 411 too was next to take the flags to their event in Laconia New Hampshire.

nancy-411nancy-flags nancytravelinglymeflags


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