Treat the Bite!


Enough is enough already. We hope this message goes out to all physicians. If you genuinely care about your patient then please treat the tick bite! Don’t wait for test results, the tests are faulty anyways, and you are just allowing the bacteria to disseminate throughout someone’s body.

And remember, not all patients see the tick, so if your patient has  symptoms, treat the symptoms too!

Why are we asking this of you? Because last month another baby died from Lyme disease. The mother went from doctor to doctor begging that they treat her little baby who had a three different ticks removed that summer, bulls eye rashes all over his little tiny body and piling up symptoms. The doctors ignored her, mocked her and turned her and her child away.

In the Lyme community we are hearing several cases like this with children and adults. Not everyone dies, some go on to live a long life. A long life disabled. A long life full of pain, weakness, seizures and a multitude of terrible symptoms.

Please read the results of this autopsy done by Dr Alan MacDonald
DNA Probes Reveal Borrelia in autopsy brain and heart tissue of 19 month old baby

Click Here to read “If I were a Doctor” by John Coughlin

Also please stop telling patient they are safe if the tick wasn’t a deer tick.

Another Myth: Ticks have to be attached for 72 hours.

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