Tribune gets it right this time.


I hear a lot of Lyme patients worried, and rightfully so, that the CDC is admitting that there are 300,000 cases of Lyme Disease, instead of the reported 30,000 last year, is only being announced to help promote their new Lyme vaccine.  This may be so, but I am choosing to focus on the positives that are coming out of this announcement.

First of all, think of how many newsstations picked up this story and ran with it. To be exact, as of right now there were almost 1,000 news stations that reported according to Google.  Think of how many people, who knew nothing about Lyme before, now have heard this announcement.  Think of all the people who were on the border of not believing a family member was really sick, or who might have some symtpoms themselves but was told it was rare by their dr.

Secondly, this will hopefully get Lyme and other tick borne infections the much needed research that it needs. We will have to wait to see if this rings true, but the more something is in the news, the more seriously it seems to be taken, so let’s hope and pray this will be a positive that springs forward from this announcement.

 I have also seen a non idsa slanted article appear in the Chicago Tribune. That is huge. Just this May Lyme patients protested

These are really big steps in this community. So many people have worked hard to bring Lyme into the news. For years it seemed like it was being ignored. Now we have it being talked about on the news, in news papers articles in major papers. We are moving forward. Don’t give up hope. Things are changing.the Chicago Tribune in the hopes they would turn their opinions around on Lyme and they might print a balanced story. We all remember just a few years ago how Patricia Callahan and Trine Tsouderos, Tribune reporters, wrote that awful article called, “Chronic Lyme, A Dubious Diagnosis” and had the Lyme community in an uproar. Now today they write this article, “Lyme Disease on the Rise in Illinois,” interviewing the very people they ripped apart in the first article.

I think the bottom line is, karma always wins in the end. If the CDC is publishing press releases just to promote their vaccines, then that will come back to bite them in the a$$.  In the meanwhile let’s take the press and run. They have now admitted it is highly spread and they can’t take that back, again. Let’s keep this ball rolling folks. With the upcoming IDSA Protest  and the 2013 Worldwide/Mayday Protests coming up, there will be no hiding the truth anymore. Change is here.

~Lisa Hilton

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