Two Whistleblowing Pharmacists in Strasbourg, France Suspended

phramAs we know doctors are often harrassed and investigated for treating Chronic Lyme Disease. Now they are also going after pharmacists? When will this nonsense end?

From the Article:
Lyme Disease: suspended sentence for two pharmacists who acted as whistleblowers

November 13, 2014 at 10:27
“Lyme Disease: suspended sentence for two pharmacists who acted as whistleblowers
Two supporters of alternative methods of detection and treatment of Lyme disease, which are presented as “whistleblowers” facing an epidemic underestimated according to them, were sentenced Thursday in Strasbourg to nine months suspended sentence for fraud in health insurance and illegal practice of pharmacy.

Viviane Schaller, 66, Doctor of Pharmacy and former manager of a biological analysis laboratory in Strasbourg, was found to have applied for years a disease screening protocol is not approved by health authorities. She has announced to thousands of patients throughout France, they were indeed carriers of the disease that can cause debilitating and painful disorders, including neurological, joint and muscle, and while the “official” tests said the opposite.

She was sentenced by the criminal court to pay 280,820 euros to the primary health insurance fund, an amount that corresponds to reimbursements granted by the fund for the thousands of tests carried out regulatory framework.

The other accused, Bernard Christophe, 65 (also a graduate in pharmacy, but not enrolled in the College of Pharmacists), was sentenced for having manufactured and marketed outside the regulatory framework a cure for essential oils against disease Lyme, called “Tic Tox.” He will have to pay 10,000 euros in damages to the pharmacists.

He was however acquitted of complicity scam health insurance. Similarly, Ms. Schaller was acquitted of illegal practice of pharmacy complicity.

One of the defense lawyers, Ms. Catherine Faivre, announced that the two defendants would “obviously” appealed these convictions.

“You have to give people that can be called whistleblowers protection to which they are entitled. This is what we say before the appeal court,” she told AFP . “It is the power of judges to interpret the law,” she added.

At the hearing on September 23, many patients had come to support the two defendants and several doctors. “There is in France a dramatic underestimation of the disease”, argued in court Prof. Christian Perronne, infectious disease specialist at the University Hospital Raymond Poincaré in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine) and member of high public health Council.”

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