UK Lyme News: ‘Like the Caudwells, our family also has Lyme disease’


Adelle Huckins speaks out about her family’s experience with Lyme disease. 

From The Telegraph:

“A second family has been struck down by Lyme disease following claims by John Caudwell, the telecoms tycoon, that he passed the illness on to his children.

Adelle Huckins, who has been diagnosed with the condition, believes her husband and three children have contracted the potentially fatal illnessfrom her.”

Mrs Huckins’ 10-year-old daughter Kaitlyn has also tested positive for the disease, while her two other children and her husband Rob, are all showing symptoms. They are currently awaiting the outcome of hospital tests to discover if they too have the illness.”

She tells the “The Telegraph”

“It was the hardest decision as a parent you could ever make. It broke both Rob and me. We’d raised enough money to send just one child for testing. But how do you choose?”

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