how to use castor oil packs

Using Castor Oil Packs to Relieve Pain


What are Castor Oil Packs?

Castor Oil is a pale yellow oil obtained from castor beans. Castor oil’s healing properties were castor_beansused by Egypt, and in  Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine, and nowadays in naturopathy.  Castor oil packs are said to reduce inflammation, relieving pain, and also said to improve elimination and circulation, especially of the lymphatic system.

How do you Make a Castor Oil Pack?

Castor oil packs are made with a layer of fabric, many use flannel or cotton and cold-pressed castor oil. Put the fabric in a jar or bowl and pour some castor oil over it. Use enough to saturate the material but not too much where it will drip everywhere. Castor oil does stain fabric so only use fabric or clothes you won’t mind staining.  You might want to lay on a towel too so that if it drips it won’t stain your blankets, bed or couch. Once you lay the castor oil pack on the area you want, place a piece of plastic or a towel over it, then place a heating pad or hot water bottle on top of it.  When castor oil packs are placed on the affected area, the pack acts as a poultice to draw out infection and dissolve scars, cysts, and tumors. Keep this pack on you from 46 minutes to an hour. You can save it and keep in a sealed jar to reuse again. You might want to add another tablespoon of castor oil next time you use it again.

You can buy cold presses castor oil at your local health food stores or you can purchase Castor Oil Packs online. Here are some products you can buy online:

Tell us YOUR Experience with Castor Oil Packs

We always want to hear YOUR experiences as a patient. Has using Castor Oil packs helped you? Is it worth the investment? Please tell us in the comments below if they have been helpful to you or not?

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