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I am really struggling and need help not only with treatment but would love help giving my 3 10866696_10152537829188715_1430975130_ngranddaughters a fun Christmas.

I need over $500 to get my car inspected because it needs all this work. Don’t know if you remember this summer my other car blew up and I got horribly flooded.

I am trying to work on a way to move as well to get out of all of this mold. There is even an opening on the ceiling in my bedroom where there is mold exposure. I can’t even take a bath because the water leaks in 10872415_10152537829173715_412078242_nthe kitchen below and my kitchen cabinets get soak and wet. So tons of mold in the kitchen too and the basement is really, really bad. I can’t turn my landlord in because I would have to leave here and have nowhere to go yet. I did take a bunch of pictures of all the mold. Still trying to work on a place to move too.

Gift Cards or Age Appropriate Gifts Are Appreciated!

Makenna is 11 Favorite Colors (pink, green)
Tymber is 9 Favorite Color (blue)
Kayleigh is 8 Favorite Color ( pink, purple)

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Wishes Granted so Far

12/1/2014 Someone donated a box of toys, games, crafts gloves, diary, socks, etc. about 20+ items for Vicki kellerman’s granddaughters.

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One thought on “Vicki’s Wish”

  1. Hi Vicki,
    I do not have extra money to send now, but I have quite a few girls gifts that I bought for my daughter and recently found, but now she is too old for them. Would you be interested in the actual gifts? Such as diaries, jewelry, hair bows, socks, clothes, etc. Would you like them? I would be happy to mail them to you. Please let me know if you want the gifts and where I can mail them. Blessings, Nancy

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