2 thoughts on “Vision Symptoms from Lyme Disease”

  1. Looking for a Lyme literate ophthalmologist in so cal for my 12 year old son… constant floaters, sensitivity to light, foggy visions, vertigo type feeling, things look like he’s in a dream… any suggestions greatly appreciated

  2. lisa, thank you for bringing these wonderful, informative, touching EYE SURGERY AND SYMPTOMS LISTS.

    Cindy, thanks for sharing your painful story. I’ve been sending out ilads llmd names/info for 8 yrs. would you send LISA HILTON the FULL NAME, ADDRESS, and other info you have on them, $$ per visit and length of time. do they accept insurance and which ones?

    in the past, we have a no. 1 PENN EYE DR. to send folks to; he quit having patients; NOW TEACHING OTHER DRS. so we are hurting on this info.

    lisa, when you get it, would you send to me please? big thanks to both of you 😉

    bettyg, iowa
    45/6 yrs. chronic lyme
    MISDIAGNOSED for 35 yrs. by 40-50 drs. UNACCEPTABLE!

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