Watch Niagara Falls turn green on May 17

If you’d like to sign up to take the bus tour please read more info on here!

Take the Bus to the Falls

CN tower going green

Meekrat’s Blog link





2 thoughts on “Watch Niagara Falls turn green on May 17”

  1. Thanks very much for giving some air to the bus and the gathering of Lymies in green at Niagara Falls on May 17! We hope to make a big splash (pun NOT intended!) with green shirts everywhere. Several people are planning to stay over either in Brampton or Niagara Falls and then taking the bus to the Brampton walk on the Saturday. It should be a great weekend!
    More info and registration forms on the website,

    1. Wow I wish I could make it up to see it! I got to visit last year after the Boston Protest we headed up and saw Niagara Falls for the first time. I will look forward to seeing your pics. I’m sure you guys will have a great turn out for this!

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