“We Get It” – Lyme Disease Awareness Campaign


“We Get It”

‘We Get It” a Lyme disease awareness campaign started by John Coughlin, a well known Lyme activist and patient who runs many Lyme disease support groups and has the website LymeTubes. Please share these memes on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or wherever you go!

Please use hashtag #WeGetIt”

All of us in the Lyme community have said, “You can’t get it, until you get.” We all know this feeling too well. So please help share to spread Lyme disease awareness.


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2 thoughts on ““We Get It” – Lyme Disease Awareness Campaign”

  1. This is good to see that lot of people are now awareing from this disease which can harm and effect the human life.I have checked some of information about this on edubirdy where I got some of the best details about these diseases and also stay away from this disease.

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