We would like to hear your opinions and experiences: Lyme Polls

logo_frontWe would love to hear what you think and what your experiences have been. If you have the time please pick a couple polls to share your own personal experiences or stories with us!

Is Lyme Disease Sexually Transmitted?

How has Lyme Disease Changed your Life?

Diet and Lyme Disease

What has Helped you get better?

Misdiagnosis Poll

Which Treatment Helps you Most?

Survellience Poll: Was Your Lyme Case Reported?

How many years did it take you to get diagnosed?

How many doctors did it take you to get diagnosed?

How many of you had a mainstream dr (not an llmd) know to test you for any co infections?

Isolation and Lyme

Depression and Lyme Poll

What does it feel like to lose a friend to suicide?

Most debilitating symptoms poll


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