list of lyme disease support groups

Websites and Support Groups by State


list of lyme disease support groups

Support groups by State

 Click on your State for List of Support Groups, Websites, Events and More…
If you are looking for support groups in another country besides the US please visit:
Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organization

If you have a group you would like added, please place in comments below or contact us here.

Support Groups by State

Click on your state to learn about Lyme disease support groups, news, research, legislation.

Lyme Information by Country


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28 thoughts on “Websites and Support Groups by State”

  1. Under the California listing, please remove Nor-Cal Chico Lyme and replace with Chico Lyme Disease Support Group on Facebook. We are in N. California, Butte County.

    Thank you,

    Dee Ohliger

    1. Oh sorry Diane, I did do a post for you last year.. but just forgot to add it to this list .. Ill add it now. <3 Here is the post I did last year so you don't think I ignored you. Thanks for all you do! Let me know if anything has changed since then. Actually i just noticed your email is changed now so Ill update it from the one i had to the one you listed here.

  2. I am in the process of starting a support group that focuses on awareness in the Fox Valley (Appleton) area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Please update Oregon Lyme Disease Network current information. 501(c)3 since 2003, are affiliates of LDA and work with ILADS and CALDA since 2001. We have set up support groups around Oregon that meet face to face, and online. Our support groups are located in Hood River Oregon, Portland OR, Bend OR, Salem OR, Eugene Or (NOT LDEO) and Medford OR. Current phone 541-410-2585. We also have an Oregon Lyme Disease Network facebook page only for Oregonians

  4. Please enter our group on this page. It’s OK to use my email address. Thank you.

    New Mexico Lyme Disease Support

    Also, Lisa, did you know about Lyme-Aware? It’s here and click on the shape of a state on the map to get to any state support group:

    The page for New Mexico Lyme Disease Support is here:

  5. We are a Lyme disease support Group on the GULF COAST OF FLORIDA. ( The Culf Coast Lyme Disease Support Group)The Support Group has Been in Operation for about 9 years. Information about the Support Group and the Administrator. Adjunct Professor Emeritus Carol Fisch can be found at the Web site which is used for contact info. We also have three Web sites, on Facebook. Carol Fisch, Lyme disease Education and Awareness, Carol Fisch Lyme disease Conversation and Carol fisch the Lighter Side of Lyme. PLEASE ADD THESE TO YOUR FLORIDA LIST…… Thank You Carol Fisch

  6. Hello Lisa,

    Thank you for creating this list. Please add my FB group LEAF- Lyme Expressions And Fellowship.

    Thanks for all you do!


      1. I noticed there is no support group listed for Louisiana and am having trouble finding support groups here. My son passed away from long term untreated lyme disease almost 2 years ago and I am looking for a way to show support in this area.

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