What Can You do to get Involved in Change

call-to-action-150x150Everyday people email me and ask me what they can do to get involved in Lyme Activism? How can they change things? What events are going on? So I decided to make up this list of current Lyme campaigns or events that you can get involved with.

What you can become involved with right now:

1. Holiday Wishlist

What is it?
It is a list of wishes from Lyme patients that are in need this Holiday season.

What you can do to get involved?

  • You can share your own wish
  • Grant someone else’s wish.
  • You can add a “give away” page on there if you have extra supplements, clothes or toys you don’t need.
  • The biggest way to help, would to be to join the Facebook Page and share this page on any social media. We in the Lyme community should be sharing this with others who are healthier and able to donate to help support each other.

2. 1,000 Letters for Lyme

What is it?
It is a letter writing campaign to educate doctors who are misinformed about Lyme. They have letters all set up for you to print off, and they provide the addresses and doctors to write to every two weeks.

What you can do to get involved?

  • All you have to do is print off the letters they have under files and mail them to the doctors proved.
  • You can write your own letter or provide the address of your own doctor that misdiagnosed you.
  • Join their Facebook Group. 

3. Take This Survey

What is this about?
This survey is being conducted by LymeDisease.org to determine the views of Lyme patients regarding blood tests used to diagnose Lyme disease.

What you have to do?

4. Request a “Lyme Disease Awareness Forever” Stamp

What is this?

Dive GirlDeb had the idea that we should all write to the post office to request a “Lyme Disease Awareness” forever stamp. Some of us did so and now FOUR PEOPLE HAVE RECEIVED RESPONSES! The committee is going to discuss it and said that NATIONAL INTEREST PLAYS A ROLE IN THEIR DECISION. So, we’re trying to find at 20 people from EVERY state to mail a letter. That way the committee will receive 1,000 letters from across the country, which is important for them to see. Please mail a letter and please ask your friends and family members to do so too. We’ve already written the letter for you–all you have to do is print it and mail it. Can you imagine if we can make this happen! It would be HUGE and GREAT!

PLEASE SHARE! So far we know of 92 people who have mailed the post office. We need more. Sheila Bush No Relation is keeping a tally so when you mail your letter(s), please get word to her so she can count them.


Your Name Street Address City, ST Zip Code


Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300 Washington, DC 20260-3501

Dear Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee:

I’m writing to ask for serious consideration of a “Lyme Disease Awareness” forever postage stamp. You may not be aware, but Lyme disease is a growing pandemic. The CDC now estimates that upwards of 300,000 Americans are infected with the disease EVERY YEAR, but many don’t realize it and unfortunately waste precious time trying to figure it out, since even many doctors are missing the diagnosis. In fact, the CDC states that only about 10% of all cases are reported! When left untreated, Lyme disease becomes serious and difficult to treat. It’s therefore imperative that we spread awareness so that more people find prompt and proper treatment. Postage stamps would be a lovely way to help accomplish this goal.

While I realize that we can now customize our own stamps and print them at home, it’s not the same as an official stamp issued by the U.S Postal Service. Plus, all the Lyme patients out there would definitely collect these, which would generate millions of dollars for your excellent service. Please seriously consider our plea for a Lyme Disease Awareness forever stamp.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.


5. Attend a Lyme Event

  • Click Here for a List
  • If you can’t attend, share the links to the events on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

6. Lyme Blitz

What is this?
This is a new group that was formed by Jenny Albrecht-Hunziker to help promote any current Lyme news by “blitzing” the media with it.

What can I do?

  • Join their Facebook Group
  • They will post in their Facebook group what articles or news they are helping spread to the media. Help them by sharing the news on Facebook, Twitter or any social media where you can reach the media for potential coverage.

 7. Help Max!

Max Summers, a minor who has Lyme disease, has been TAKEN FROM HIS FAMILY by Denver Family Services because the authorities don’t believe he’s sick. His father was jailed while trying to protect his son and his mother has been accused of Munchausen by proxy syndrome. The family has been fighting for the return of their son and needs all the help they can get. They’re asking others with Lyme to please write a bit about what we’ve been through and/or to send informative articles.

The hearing is scheduled for December 5th, so we need to write quickly.

The address of the judge:

The Honorable Howard V. Bartlett
Denver Juvenile Court
520 West Colfax, Room 125
Denver, CO 80204

And here is the address for the attorney ad litem:

Guardian Ad Litem Zak Sloan
1325 S Colorado Blvd, #701
Denver, CO 80222



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