What does Dr Sally’s Program Include?


Dr. Sally Schutz’s Lyme Program

The program includes 7 modules of information dripped over 7 weeks as well as 26 live online coaching sessions. It also includes special webinars with innovative, exciting health advocates, like Bruce Lipton, Stephanie Seneff, Joe Mercola, the Lyme Ninja and others…

The 7 modules include: Clean Food, Dirty Detox, SQT, Indisputable Positivity, Energy Modalities, No Doubt and Incredible Cannabinoids

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The Lyme Disease Membership program

PreCourse Module Understanding Lyme Foundation Welcome Handout for the modules
Why this program is different
How to use the program

Sub Headings:
Dr. Sally’s Devastating Lyme Joutney
What we can learn from Dr. Sally’s Lyme Recovery
Is Lyme A Mitochondrial Deficiency Disease
Who is Dr. Sally?
What do her clients and colleagues have to say about her?

Module 1 Clean Food
Why is this a secret?
Should I be gluten free?
The Effects of Toxic Chemical on our Mitochondria Weekly Webinar

Interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Module 2 Dirty Detox
What us the #1 Method of Detox
CHT some history
How does Detox by CHT help?
What do people what to say about CHT Graphic Detox Videos Our Choices for ridding the body of toxic wastes!
Weekly Webinar Bonus

Module 3 SQT
What is SQT?
SQT taps into the Law of Attraction
Weekly Webinar
Bonus Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics

Module 4 Positivity Plus Positivity
Law of Attraction
What Authorities have to say about positivity Affirmations
Weekly Webinar

Module 5 Awesome Energy
Techniques about balancing Energy and getting the Energy moving Frequency Healing
The Bx Protocol
How Does it work
More Details about Bx Energy Catalyst Other Energy Techniques
Weekly webinar
Donna Eden Energy Medicine

Module 6 Science and Spirituality The Field
Science and Spirituality Quantum Science and Healing Quantum Science ex- plained Weekly webinar

Module 7 Marijuana’s Non-psychoactive cousin CBD oil
Introduction to the EndoCannabinoid System Difference: CBD, and Marijuana, CBD and Hemp The whys and the whats and the hows.
Oil Anecdotal Healing History
What is the Endocannabinoid System
Weekly Webinar

Bonuses include:

Module 8 on other strategic vitamins and TOOTB modalities not even available in the U.S.
Resources Healing Messages Soul Purpose Setting Your Intentions Vibrations

When I take a remedy this is what I do…

Pain, Insomnia Techniques

Why is coaching important?

Why coaching is important when any elite athlete sets out for a gain what difference does the coach have? Enormous! Dr. Sally will be your coach and you will have her wisdom and new discoveries that only insiders know. Even while she is discovering new things. Because she is always looking for new things, and things that are affordable.

Why is there a charge for this?

It is costly to run an on line program – the charges for the websites and security, the charges for the tele seminars etc. Dr. Sally and Bayne really wish they could serve you for no cost but their expenses to provide this service are significant. They have really reduced the price to make it as affordable as she can.

Now I won the lottery, I get additional support and coaching, but jump on board, you want to leave feeling sick tired, achy, or in pain behind and get on with the business of your life.

Her course is well worth it and you know what else. It’s well known that most people don’t respect what they don’t pay for. So, if you want to turn your life around.

Sign up for Dr. Sally’s course at: I Beat Lyme Seven Module Program.

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