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What is the iSpot Lyme Test?

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What is the iSpot Lyme Test?

According to the iSpot Website

iSpot Lyme™ is a new testing methodology that complements the Western Blot, as it measures something completely different: T cell response to four specific Lyme antigens. Unlike antibody production, T cell response kicks in just 4–6 days after infection. As a result, iSpot Lyme allows for earlier detection than the  Western Blot. iSpot Lyme can also identify how active the disease is—and therefore how well your treatment is working. Use both, and you can finally get a much clearer picture.

Watch this video to understand how sensitive this test is.

Physicians: Let us know if you are using this test.

Lyme Patients: Let us know if your doctor used this and how your results turned out.

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