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What was your First Lyme Disease Symptom?

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What was your First Lyme Disease Symptom?

When you read any article about Lyme disease from the CDC or IDSA it will seem like it will be obvious when you get Lyme disease. According to them you will see a tick on you, and it will be attached for 72 hours and you will develop a bull’s eye rash and flue like symptoms.

Well in reality, Lyme disease presents in many different ways according to real Lyme patient experiences. Lyme disease rarely presents the same way in any two people. From the beginning stages to the end stages, Lyme disease will present in a number of ways. Most people will not remember a tick, and if they do, it wasn’t attached very long, and over half will not develop a bull’s eye rash.

Let us know what your first symptom was below in the comments. Also CLICK HERE to see what others on Facebook had to say about what their first symptoms were.

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  1. In reality I had many of the symptoms but was misdiagnosed as having fibromyalgia. It wasn’t until I began having pain, weakness and numbness in my hands did it lead to lyme disease. The nurologist though oh it must be carpel tunnel – nope, did mri of my neck nope it waz clean, that’s when the huge slew of blood tests came in and lyme became known as the cause…. they didn’t believe the first test even and made me do it again because lyme is not said to be in the area I live.

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