2014 Lyme Awareness Campaign

Lyme Awareness Facebook Memes, Quotes and Posters

I am working on a project called the 2014 Lyme Awareness Campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to empower each person and let them take part in activities to help spread Lyme Disease Awareness. Each month will be a new online campaign. January was Twitter month. February is Pinterest month. To make it easy, for those of you new to Pinterest, we will put several “Lyme awareness posters” here that you can tweet. Just hover your mouse over the picture and click the “Pin it” button that pops up.  But feel free to pin anything you’d  like and to make your own! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s creativity!

~ Lisa Hilton

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2014 Lyme Awareness Campaign







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2014 Lyme Awareness Campaign


2014 Lyme Awareness Campaign


2014 Lyme Awareness Campaign

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Negative quots




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Children with Lyme Disease Awareness Poster




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These Following Posters sent to us by Jillouise Breslauer

She said feel free to share them and use them!

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If you want to find more, you can click on any post on this blog and pin any picture. Just hover over the picture and click on the “Pin It” sign.

3 thoughts on “Lyme Awareness Facebook Memes, Quotes and Posters”

  1. in 2012 I removed a tic from the top of my left ft.Ive showed it to the Dr they didn’t act like they cared or was a problem. well it’s 2017 and the red spot is still there and i have all the signs of lyme’s.I’m 66yrs old should I worry about this or is there a reccomendation you could suggest ?I live 100 mile east of Nashville Tn.

    1. Ronald, I hope your health is ok. I did not see that anyone else responded to your question…so, even though over a year has passed, I want to repsond. First of all, do not return to that doctor, who either is uneducated or chose to ignore your potentially deadly infection. Next, I realize that this may sound strange to you, but regular (“allopathic”) medical practitioners usually are of absolutely zero help for people with Lyme Disease and all the awful coinfections that come with Lyme. Therefore, it is imperative that you find a “Lyme Literate” dr by asking other Lyme patients for a referral to a very good, very experienced Lyme Literate practitioner/healer. Thre are many Lyme groups on Facebook, in towns and cities, and on the internet…I suggest you join one or more ASAP. If you had a red spot after a tick bite, it is safe to assume that have Lyme Disease. You need to see a LLD (“Lyme Literate Dr”/ practitioner) for proper testing for the myriad of coinfections that one receives from tick bites & you’ll need to be properly treated for whatever you have. ANote: a couple of weeks of antibiotics will not do. Lyme is actually more like a cocktail soup of viral and other infections, a state of weakened immune system, which can often be tamed with a dedicated regime of diet modification (no dairy, no sugar, gluten-free, etc), along with herbal or other protocols, medications, treatments, etc. From what I understand, it is not unusual for Lyme sufferers to go decades with morphing, unpleasant symptoms, while being basically ignored by their mainstream doctors, and/or being labeled as a hypochondriac or whiner, often sent to see a psychiatrist or worse. LLD’s can be found in prcaticing in Naturopathic , Homeopathic, Chinese or Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic, MD and more. I urge you to see proper testing (i.e., like through IgenX labs in Palo Alto, Ca) & treatment with a good, experienced LLD with a good bedside manner. If you have any coinfections (i.e., Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, anaplasmosis…etc..) or Epstein Barr Virus, Cytomegalovirus, etc., it is just as important to treat that as it is to treat the ongoing (often reoccurring) Lyme infection. Many Lyme patients have to travel to other states or across the globe for proper treatment…and there is no ‘quick fix’, so most patients I know spend years in treatment, or more like have permanently changed their diets, daily supplements, exercise rouitines and mindset in order to maintain their health in living with Lyme. I hope this helps. Take care of yourself.

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